Mudcloth Range

This range of cushions is made up from Mudcloth - also known as Bogolan or Bogalanfini - that is made in Mali, West Africa. Mudcloth is a well known, iconic and recognizable fabric that is an expression of African Style. At Mjita, we import our Mudcloth directly from our source of excellent “Bogolanfini” producers. Our standard Mudcloth range comes in sizes of 40cm × 40cm, 50cm × 50cm, 60cm × 60cm and 80cm × 80cm. It has a black poly cotton backing and closes with a zip. We can make cushions up to your custom size specifications and back them with fabric of your choice. We have five varieties of Mudcloth to select from:

  • White with black design
  • Black and white
  • Traditional
  • Brown
  • Multicolored stripes

Mudcloth Range Black and White

Mudcloth Range Stripe

Mudcloth Range Traditional

Mudcloth Range White and Black

Mudcloth Range Brown