Shoowa Cloth Range

Shoowa Cloth Is a traditionally woven textile that comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our Shoowa Cushions are made from traditionally woven, cut pile Raffia that is hand loomed on a small and portable double heddle nomadic loom. The Shoowa Cloth textiles are used in rituals and ceremonies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and they are all highly symbolic. Through a complex series of symbols, these cushions tell a story of the Shoowa Cloth makers life. As all cloths are individually hand woven, no two are the same - each is a unique work of art! Please take note that the images on this website showcase an example only and if you wish to place an order with us, what you will receive will have some similarities but will not be identical to the images you see here. Our standard sizes are 50cm × 50cm and if left in their natural state and not cut, cushions are approximately 45cm × 55cm with a natural Raffia border woven into the fabric. We can make up sizes to your specific requirements and back your cushions with fabric of your choice. Our Standard cushion cover is backed with Cotton, Polycotton Linen or Suede. For the best care, we recommend that you dry clean this item!

Standard Shoowa Cloth Range

Standard Shoowa Cloth #1

Standard Shoowa Cloth #2

Standard Shoowa Cloth #3

Contemporary Shoowa Cloth Range

Contemporary Shoowa Cloth #1

Contemporary Shoowa Cloth #2

Contemporary Shoowa Cloth #3