Vintage Luxury Range

From time to time, we come across unusual - vintage - and special style pieces. Here, you’ll find some examples of the more unusual and vintage Kuba Cloth Cushions. These cushions are examples of older and more unusual Kuba Cloths that we have found. We have hand dyed the linen backings to match an element in the Kuba Cloth. Colors such as Raffia Brown, Raffia Natural and Raffia Red are all featured in this range. These examples measure approx 60cm × 80cm. If you are interested in some Vintage Kuba Cloth Pieces or custom, made up cushions, please contact us and we will send you images of what we have on hand. We can make up custom sizes, backings and piping to fit your specifications.

Vintage Kuba Cloth Range

Vintage Kuba Black & White

Vintage Kuba Cloth #1

Vintage Kuba Cloth #2

Vintage Kuba Cloth #3

Vintage Kuba Cloth #4