Care & Cleaning of Mjita Products

All our products have a large artisanal component of handmade/handwoven/hand dyed material.

They need to be treated with a bit more care as they’re not as strong, durable and colourfast as mass produced machine-made synthetic items

Here are some suggestions for care and cleaning.
We suggest DRY CLEAN ONLY with a reputable dry cleaner familiar with caring for artisanal products.

This will ensure that the products stay intact and don’t get damaged and that the colours don’t wash out or fade.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as fading may occur.

Avoid exposure to liquids as these may damage the fabric.

Avoid being overly rough on the fabrics especially those with hand stitching.

Please remember that this is an artisanal product and it’s made from natural material. And most importantly we hope that you Enjoy them.

All materials are produced in various countries in Africa and all finished products are made up in South Africa

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